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School visit to the Marl-pit Woodland

Seahorse Class (year 3) from Necton Primary School came on their first visit to the Marl-pit Woodland on Friday, 2 July 2021. The class came in two waves, accompanied by Class Teacher, Miss Palmer, School Headteacher, Mrs Long and Mr Flack.

An ancient oak with many low branches and children sitting on them
The mighty oak provides fun for Seahorse class of 2021

Three NAT Trustees were guides for the visit, explaining the history of the site, and some woodland practices such as coppicing, mulching and log piles for wildlife. There were many and varied questions from the children, demonstrating their genuine interest in the woodland and its significance for nature and environment.

NAT Trustee, Fraser, commented; "The children showed a good knowledge of wildlife and were attentive and fully engaged - a real credit to the school, staff and the village."

Class Teacher, Miss Palmer, said; "It was just wonderful seeing the children's responses to the area and spending some much-needed time out of the classroom."

Some of the comments from the children;

"It's like walking into a portal to another dimension."

"This must be a magic fairy land!"

and when learning about the coppicing...

"Well, everybody should do it like that, shouldn't they?"

The woodland, purchased from Breckland Council by Necton Parish Council last year, is currently closed to general public as NAT undertake the works required to make it a public open space. This special visit was organised with Miss Palmer and the school as part of Year 3's curriculum. Thank you to the two members of Necton Parish Council who came along to support the visit.

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1 Comment

Jenny Smedley
Jenny Smedley
Jul 05, 2021

Lovely to see the dream being fulfilled. Can't wait to have a walk round when it's opened. Well done all!

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