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About Us


We are five local residents, who want to utilise our skills and knowledge to Green up Necton.  We set up this Trust to help establish environmentally friendly initiatives and recreational facilities in and around Necton.


Our work starts with developing a community woodland (Marlpit Project).  Other plans include a greenway to our nearby town (5-miles to Swaffham) and supporting Necton's Neighbourhood Plan.  Visit Our Projects page for more details.



It is well documented that free and easy access to local green spaces enhances social and community well-being.  They provide opportunities for people to meet, sit and chat. They are a ‘place to go to’ without too much effort.

Breckland Council’s open space assessment 2015 (part of the Local Plan) identified a deficit of outdoor sport/play/green spaces within the parish of Necton (as set against national standards).   The current population of 1,923 (2011 census) is set to increase with a 10% housing growth built into the Planning Authority’s Local Plan 2020 through to 2036.  It is our view from this research that there is a need now for 'green' recreational facilities and this need will continue as the parish population increases.


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