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Local history saved

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The NAT project to save an artwork collage created by school children of Necton back in 2003 has been successful. Thanks to the support of Necton Parish Council and Esmera Homes (owners of the old school site), this initiative was given the green light to proceed.

forklift and two operatives working on site
The artwork encased in a wooden frame heading off site.

With specialist advice from Sam Paterson, Senior Engineer at Conisbee (thanks to ProHelp at the Norfolk Community Foundation for putting us in contact) we devised a safe method of work and completed comprehensive risk assessments.

The NATTY Team cleared access within the grounds, creating an accessible work space for the big job.

Day one (Monday, 17 July 2023)

Westcotec (providing specialist contractors) and NAT began by installing a series of supports to maintain the integrity of the flat roof above.

Then work focused on removing the inner block wall to gain access to the outer brick wall on which the artwork is glued. With the inner wall removed, the artwork panel was encased in a protective wooden frame and small openings through the bricks were created above and below the panel to accommodate lifting straps once the final cuts on either side of the panel were made through the brickwork.

The risk at this stage was that the brickwork would become unstable and break up destroying the attached artwork.

Wooden framework to protect from damage.

Day two (Wednesday, 19 July 2023). The day of the big move. Westcotec were on site again, this time to cut the panel out from the brick wall. Once cut, the Teleporter team took up the lead and carefully lifted the complete panel clear of the building and transported it off site, down School Road and Kett's Hill bringing it into QEM Wood, where it was carefully set down on pallets.

The next phase of this project will be to install it on a secure foundation within the wood for the enjoyment of visitors and residents for many years to come. We are currently drawing up plans for this and welcome help from volunteers who have bricklaying skills. Do get in touch if you'd like to help.

Arriving safely at QEM Wood

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Jenny Smedley
Jenny Smedley
21. Juli 2023

Can't wait to see it. Will pop down today for my daily dose of peace and freshness!

Gefällt mir
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