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Big Garden Birdwatch No.2

You will remember that local resident and keen bird-watcher undertook the first ever RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at the Necton Marl Pit back in January and we reported his findings as being on a par with the nation generally.

Tony returned to the Marl Pit today on 5 May for a second look at what birds he could spot. Following the same format used by the RSPB on their annual Big Garden Birdwatch, he counted the maximum number of a species that he saw together at one time.

Tony's results this time were:

Blackbird, 1 (20%);

Wood Pigeon, 2 (40%);

and Chaffinch, 2 (40%).

The pit was overflown by wood pigeons and a rook during the survey, but they've not made it onto the survey list - as they were simply 'fly-byes' rather than visitors.

Blackbirds and pigeons are frequent visitors to our gardens, so it is no surprise that they jump over the garden fence into the Marl Pit.

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