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Today we made some new woodland friends

Our small team of Trustees had a productive morning at the old gravel pit today, 15 August 2020. Our aim was to make a start on creating a level place for work equipment where we can log, chip and shred vegetation material as we go along.

It wasn't long before we attracted the attention of some woodland residents; this chap came along with his mandolin, wondering what we were up to.

We told him about our plans to rejuvenate the space with woodland paths, sitting areas and even maybe a place he could perform with his mandolin to a local audience. We could tell he was impressed and wished us much luck in our venture.

We carried on, uncovering and sorting rubbish, gathering tree branches and making inroads under the tree canopy.

It wasn't long before another woodland resident turned up, curious as to what we were doing.

Time for another moment of chitchat; his name was Happy!

We promised that we'd make a special place for him and his six brothers, off the main track, so they could enjoy watching folk passing by.

He was delighted to hear of our plans and ran off to tell his brothers, although he wasn't sure that Grumpy would be so pleased.

The best visit was from a very young resident, a chipper little wren, who was curious to see what we were uncovering - nothing to eat for him, but he found plenty of worms under the disturbed ground cover.

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