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New recycling point for Soft Plastic at Necton Co-op store

You can now recycle soft plastics like crisp packets and bread bags at Necton Co-op. It doesn’t matter where you bought them. Just pop your soft plastics into their recycling units, making it easier to do your bit for the environment.

Soft plastics recycling is easy. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Clean it – First, rinse your packaging out.

  2. Scrunch it – Now, scrunch it up tight - if it pings back, it’s a useful indicator it's soft plastic.

  3. Co-op it - Pop it into our soft plastics recycling bin at Necton Co-op.

What are Soft Plastics?

Soft plastics are lightweight plastics that often cannot be placed in recycling bins at home. Think plastic film lids on yoghurt pots, soft fruit punnets and ready meals, as well as plastic crisp packets, pasta bags and chocolate or biscuit wrappers.

What happens to your recycled soft plastic?

Saul Deeson, a Co-op Member, went in search of answers to this question and you can read more about his search, plus watch a short interview to discover where the Co-op are in relation to using recycled plastic in their products.

Want to know what else you can recycle locally?

Check out the handy local recycling website where you can search for all recycling points in the proximity of your home.

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Jenny Smedley
Jenny Smedley
Jul 13, 2021


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